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Number  101
Date08 Nov 2019
Blade1070 Carbon steel, Clay Hamon, Flat grind to infinity edge
Handle  Brass bolster. coloured Curly Maple scales.
PriceR 2,800.00 (£165.00)
Sold28 Jan 2020


This knife is one of the knives Jean planned to submit for guild membership, but to rather sell it and visit the fairest Cape. Outstanding characteristic on this knife is the coloured Curly maple scales. It creates an effect known as a "Chatoyancy". This is unbelievable to see but impossible to photograph. The subtle Hamon line, gives the knife character and balance. The infinity edge on this knife will make cutting a pleasure and since the wood has been stabilized, it will be able to withstand the rigors of a commercial kitchen but be presentable enough form the most stylish home kitchen.