Jean WIlke Knife

Kobus Wilke Custom Whips

Kobus Wilke, Jean’s brother, is making the
most awesome custom whips. Working
mostly in paracord he makes a range of small to medium sized whips. These includes, snake whips, bull whips and stock whips. His favourite is however the hybrid whips.
These can best be described as a snake whip, attached to a handle.
They are extremely easy to crack, yet are
accurate and FUN!!!
Since Kobus is still at school, his whips are a
scarcity. Contact us to order one.


Marguerite Wilke Childrens Books


Marguerite Wilke, Jean’s mother and an accomplished foundation phase teacher, has
embarked on a new venture as a children's book author.


While initially predominantly
creating stories in Afrikaans, she recently published her first English children's book, "Finkle Firefly’s Big Mistake" available on Kindle Amazon. Her unique stories teach important life lessons in a delightful manner, capturing the young child’s imagination and leaving them eager for more.


For those interested, the book is available through the provided link (click) to Amazon.